Need a name for Miata…

It seems that most of the time when a Mazda Miata is being referred to, it usually has a name. I guess this must be because they are so much fun, that they just become members of the family.

Well, here is my problem… my Miata has no name! It is a ’95 M Edition, Merlot Mica. I just love this color, in fact it is my very favorite. I’m really lucky to have found one of these. They only made 3500 of them. Its over 10 years old, but is in great condition.


Back to the name dilemma… When I first got it, my brain made an instant connection to ‘Merlin’ the Merlot. That has kind of a ring to it. But, when Mark (his Miata is named UBY, derived from the license plate) and I did a bit of looking at the Miata registries, it seems that MANY other folks had the same idea. Well, my Miata is just too special to have that common of a name. Yet, I’m going to resist giving it a ‘unique’ name, following the traditions of California, such as ‘Sparkle-star Moonbeam Shiraz’. But, I really need help, as my wife has suggested ‘Trixie” (I’m just not sure what she could mean by that!!!)

So, can you help me come up with a great name for my racy little friend?