Pacific Northwest Tour part one

We’re taking in a nice vacation and tour of the Pacific Northwest. I thought I’d post a few pics for those who might be tuning in. We have hit some rain along the way, which is not really out of character for this time of the year. But, we have been very fortunate to also have some great weather and great times with friends along the way.

We started out on highway 101 north out of the Bay area, and stayed our first night in Crescent City, CA. It was a bit hot, but we had some nice top down driving. Parts of 101 are really pretty up through the redwoods, and also a section that follows a rocky river through the mountains.

We then followed highway 199 up I-5. This was a great Miata road through the redwoods and along a river. Just spectacular. The only problem…. I was having so much fun driving, I didn’t stop to take pictures. Sorry gang.

We made it into Portland in time to settle in and meet friends Mary and Phil for dinner. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some nice views of the city from their condo. The next day it was raining, but we still took in a bit of the downtown. We had some awesome food for breakfast and lunch, and spent some time staying dry in Powell’s Books. Man, I could probably spend days there. We bought some books, and they shipped them to our home. That was really nice, as we didn’t have all that much spare room in the Miata.

We then headed out for Seattle, WA. We arrived in the evening and met with our friends Doug and Sam. We had a nice dinner and some time to catch up. The next day, they took us to the Space Needle area. We did some tourist things in the area, and then made our way down to Pike’s Place Market. That was just totally cool.

Seattle Space Needle

Pike\'s Market in Seattle

We brought all kinds of goodies from the market, and all cooked a excellent dinner that night. What a fun time. The next morning we headed out for Vancouver, B.C. Again with the rain…. but my new tires braved it well. When we got to Vancouver, it was still raining a bit now and then, but more of a light mist. When we got to our destination in North Vancouver, it was raining a bit again, but still really pretty. The visibility was just not far enough to see the mountains well.

Today, we had a full day. When we woke up, the SUN WAS OUT!!! Whoo hoo! How could you have a bad day when it starts with a view like this from your bedroom?

Bed and Breakfast North Vancouver view 1

We first headed up to this place in the deep forest with a suspension bridge over the river 200 some feet below. OK, that was a bit scary, but we had some nice hiking around the area. It was very pretty. Can’t remember the name right now. We then headed into the city and checked out the Chinatown area, and had lunch. Then it was off to Stanley Park for some more hiking and photos. It is such a beautiful city park.

Vancouver from Stanley Park

After our hiking around, we were pretty beat. We headed back to our B&B for the evening. We came back to a another nice view…

Bed and Breakfast North Vancouver view 2

It has been a really fun trip so far. I’ll have to post some info about this B&B in a another blog, as I don’t have it handy right now. I would highly recommend it. The rate is not bad, and it is probably the nicest B&B (or for that matter any place I have stayed). The owner makes awesome organic full breakfasts (many courses) tuned to the guests likings. They know tons about what to do in the area and provide lots of helpful information (including some stellar restaurant tips) for the area.

Well, stay tuned to see where we go next. We’re going to hang out in the city some tomorrow and maybe take in a hike up in the mountains before we head on towards the Olympic Mountains in Washington.